Second Tag !

3:57:00 PM

Cuti2 ni ramai betul orang hanta tag... ini dari cik izzaty...

 --25 Minutes Survey--

Once you're tagged , answer all the questions honestly , No lying or Cheat-ing okayy ? :)

Starting time ; 7.29 pm

Name ; Adibah Syahzani

Brother(S) ; 2 orang

Eye Colour ; hitam kecoklatan (haha..bole teke x camana?)

Shoe Size : ntah..yg dibah tau kasut mak dibah ngan kasut kakak adibah pun dah bule muat.. terer x?? =P

Hair ; black

Piercings ; no

What are you wearing right now ; ko busybody nape hah hahahah adeke pakaian pon nk tanye ;PP

Where do you live ; rumah lah cik adik..

Favourite number ; 12.. 9.. ape2 jela nombor

Favourite drink ; sarsi

Favourite Breakfast ; roti coklat.. nyum!

Have You Ever ;

Broken a bone ; no

Been in a police car ; no

Fallen for a friend ; fallen utk ape muehehe tak paham

Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time ; ntah mne ak tau

Swam in the ocean ; no

Fallen asleep in school ; hehe.. penah.. drjh 5 dulu ddk blakng kelas... bile tidoq cikgu x prasan.. hekss =DD

Broken someone's heart ; maybe..

Cried when someone died ; no.. tk de mood nagis2 sbb mmg dh sedyh.. phm2 je la erk

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call ; haha.. penah tggu syarina la call... tpi smpai pgi pown dy x call jumpe dy je teross karate kah kah kah

Save e-mails ; yup

Been cheated on ; ntah

What ;

Your room like ; biase je..

What is right beside youu ; mouse.. [tetikus okay bukan tikus ;D]

What is the last thing you ate ; keropok..

Who ;

Who did you last yell at ; my sis ^^

Who was the last person you dance with ; bile mase ak reti nari lalala

Who last made you smile ; all my bff's.. n my siblings

Final Question ;

What are you listening to right now ; kekunci kekunca kekunco

What did you do today ; blogwalking.. borink gelaa..

Are you the oldest ; nope.. im the youngest!

Indoors or outdoors ; indoor.. pemalas ececece

Today You Did ;

Talk to someone you like ; nope

Kiss anyone ; nope.. nauzubillah..

Sing ; tgh nyanyi la nih

Talk to an ex ; ex-kucing ak ade laa.. 'hai meow ko wat pe meh cni ececece'

Miss Someone ; miss mereka..

Eat ; yup..

Last Person Who ;

You talked to on the phone ; syarina.. semalam ke kelmarin.. ehehe we'll always keep in touch!

Made you cry ; ntah.. skrg jarang lakk nangis waktu upsr dulu2 frust gelaa balik2 skola teross nangis huk huk

You went to the mall with ; my sis . my mom

Who cheered you up ; all my besties... <3 <3

Have You ;

Been to Mexico ; jauhnyer.. bl0m cek

Been to USA ; hah ha dlm mimpi kott gamaknyee ehehehe

Random ;

Have a crush on someone ; ntah.. tidak dipastikan wahaha

What Book are you reading right now ; buku apaa buku lali lahh ngehhh

Best feeling in the world ; err... tk tahu lah tpi dlm mimpi kott...

Future kids name ; jauh nk mam*** gelaa ak mahu pikirkannya keh keh keh

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal ; sleep with my bf.. his name is chiki.. heksss [meow..meoww]

What under your bed ; beg besaa gedabakk

Favourite sport(s) ; badminton

Favourite place ; hutel sweet hutell

Who do you really hate ; org yg mencari fossil eh fassall

Do you have a job ; ade.. mkn adalah kejekuh.. ngehhh

What time is it now ; 7.47 pm [18 minutes.. yeahh] gua cepat... ngehhh

with however long it took you to complete this

post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag  peoples :)

= sesiapa yg terbace inih sile bertanggungjawab muahahah smpai bertanggaungjawab dorh..

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